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Wireless Installation and Networking Services

Microsoft Windows or MAC OSX Systems

MR PC DOCTOR provides support for networking multiple computers and peripherals in your home or business. We can assist in setting up and installing cable wireless router (Rogers), DSL wireless router (Sympatico) or any other DSL or dial-up internet connection. You can share one Internet connection with all computers in your home or business and have simultaneous but independent and private access from each computer.

The easiest, least expensive way to connect the computers in your home is to use a wireless network. The absence of physical wires makes this kind of network very flexible. For example, you can move a laptop from room to room without fiddling with network cables and without losing your connection.

You can add printers and other devices to the network as well. Most new computer peripherals have built-in wireless communication capabilities.

After the wireless network is setup, MR PC DOCTOR will use secure encryption technology to protect your network -- you don't want your neighbors or anyone else hitchhiking on your wireless signal. Wireless security options include: Wired Equivalency Privacy (WEP), WiFi Protected Access (WPA) and Media Access Control (MAC) address filtering.

If you have require a Wireless Installation for a single computer, network of computers, printer(s), or have Wireless Installation or Network problems call (905) 841-0266 or use our contact page.