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Trojan Virus Removal

As the story goes, the Trojan Virus was derived from the Trojan Horse story in Greek mythology. In simple terms, Trojan Viruses masquerade themselves to be useful and legitimate programs and convince computer users to install them. After a Trojan Virus is activated, it can achieve any number of attacks on a computer system. Although there are a few Viruses that can be considered worst than Trojan Viruses, MR PC DOCTOR consider Trojan Viruses as the ultimate threat of all Viruses and are the most prevalent Viruses today.

Trojan Viruses can come from numerous sources. The most common source is a person receives an email which looks perfectly legitimate. Other common sources are computer updates for programs such as Windows or your favourite games. The key component here is, the Trojan Virus disguises itself to be from a trusted source. When the user opens these files, it appears that nothing has happened, but In reality the user has accidentally installed a Trojan Virus on their computer system.

Once activated, a Trojan Virus can change the appearance of desktops, delete files, steal data, or spread other malware or viruses through out your system.

MR PC DOCTOR specializes in removing Trojan Viruses, Malware, such as backdoor viruses, conflicker viruses, contra viruses, darksma viruses, and defender viruses.

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