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Did you know when a potential client visits your website, you've got less than 30 seconds to impress them before they click away to your competition. That said, a website has to be functional but it also needs to catch the eye and hold the attention of web visitors. Your website must meet most if not all the needs of your clients. To do all this your website design and functionality is only the answer.

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There are 100 billion online searches every month (Google alone) and growing. Social media sites rival populations of large countries and growing. The potential opportunity is enormous. But to take advantage of these opportunities, it is vital to rank high in the search engines and to make sure your website turns visitors into leads and sales. If you don’t understand how to successfully apply these strategies, then your customers, as you already know with your offline business, will go to your competitors instead.

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Numerous Studies have demonstrated SEO services net greater return on investment (ROI) from SEO efforts than they net from their paid search advertising efforts.

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SEO Local Geo-centric Targeting Program

Increase your website traffic with SEO Local Geo-centric Targeting

SEO Local Geo-centric Targeting Program is a search engine optimization (SEO) program specifically for businesses with potential customers within a specific city radius or Postal or Zip code, making it a more viable marketing solution for local businesses.

More people are searching for local services online these days and the trend is growing rapidly. Many of these searchers want to find someone who is local to them as this adds confidence and peace of mind to have a company with a local presence. SEO Local Geo-centric targeting Program is ideal specifically for small businesses with a clientele that exists within the region matching their physical location.

MR PC DOCTOR will research, analyze, and recommend a list of targeted keyword phrases to be used in the promotion of the web pages. You shall select final targeted keywords from this list. These Keywords shall be based upon permutations and combinations of six (6) generic words or phrases always in combination with the company name, up to four city or metropolitan area names, and your name if branded and appropriate, for a total of up to thirty-six unique keyword phrases.

MR PC DOCTOR will perform comprehensive edits for the home page plus up to thirty-six additional sub-pages as appropriate distributed over the first four months of the project. In most instances the initial edit begins in month 1 of the project and may take a while to conclude. Since search engine optimization is an iterative process, we may need to periodically re-edit these pages. These re-edits will often involve adding visible content to various pages consistent with the current design.

Throughout this project MR PC DOCTOR will monitor the ranking of the domain and specified web pages for the keywords. Via the SEOTools, we will provide online access to proprietary Ranking Reports (Domain Ranking Report, Ranking Report by Page Name, and Ranking Report by Keyword) at least monthly showing the ranking of the Client web site in the monitored Search Engines and directories. Rankings will show where the top ranked page from the Client site(s) appear in the top 30 positions for the selected search engines for the Keywords.

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