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Did you know when a potential client visits your website, you've got less than 30 seconds to impress them before they click away to your competition. That said, a website has to be functional but it also needs to catch the eye and hold the attention of web visitors. Your website must meet most if not all the needs of your clients. To do all this your website design and functionality is only the answer.

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SEO Local Geo-centric Targeting Program is a search engine optimization (SEO) program specifically for businesses with potential customers within a specific city radius or Postal or Zip code, making it a more viable marketing solution for local businesses.

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There are 100 billion online searches every month (Google alone) and growing. Social media sites rival populations of large countries and growing. The potential opportunity is enormous.

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Search Engine Optimization

Targeting the right people with the right content!

As a business owner you understand the importance of getting your website listed on the first page of Google when your relevant keywords are searched. After all, most web surfers do not look beyond this first page when looking for information, products, or services on the internet. So, if you aren’t on that first page, you aren’t likely to bring in much new business.

Marketers need to move beyond assumptions and into understanding what their site visitors are really doing. Testing and targeting is a learning process that leads to better relevance and higher conversions. Easily move from testing to targeting. Use testing to determine your best performing content for each segment, easily define your target rules, preview your content, and hit go!

That said,MR PC DOCTOR defines SEO as language symmetry: when SEO is well done or to its optium it becomes harmonious, aesthetically pleasing and proportionality balanced and placed language. A few, at MR PC DOCTOR, have gone as far as describing optium SEO as a superbly choreographed and precision dance or ballet. When SEO is completed, your website becomes number one on Google, Yahoo, BING - MSN, Ask, AOL Search, AltaVista...

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