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RCMP Ukash Virus Removal

The RCMP Ukash Virus is infecting countless computers in Canada and United States. The RCMP Ukash Virus locks the recipient's computer system and demands money to be removed. This type of virus is known as Ransomware and is part of the Malware family of viruses. Ransomware attacks are becoming quite common around the world and will attempt to extort money from the recipient by forcing them to purchase either a program to clean viruses they have created or unlock the recipient's computer system.

Typically the RCMP Ukash Virus alert claims to be from the RCMP or CSIS and indicates the recipient's operating system has been locked due to a violation of one or more of the laws of Canada. The RCMP Ukash Virus alert indicates the recipient's operating system can be unlocked if they pay a fine of $100 to $250. If your computer gets infected by this virus your computer will be useless until it's removed.This virus is cleanable. Regardless, it's imperative that you do not pay the RCMP Ukash Virus demand for money. There is no fix if you pay the RCMP Ukash Virus demands.

The RCMP Ukash Virus can come from numerous sources. The most common source is a person receives an email which looks perfectly legitimate. Other common sources are computer updates for programs such as Windows or your favourite games. The key component here is, the Virus disguises itself to be from a trusted source. When the user opens this file, it appears that nothing has happened, but In reality the user has accidentally installed the RCMP Ukash Virus on their computer system.

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