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Numerous Studies have demonstrated SEO services net greater return on investment (ROI) from SEO efforts than they net from their paid search advertising efforts.

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SEO Local Geo-centric Targeting Program is a search engine optimization (SEO) program specifically for businesses with potential customers within a specific city radius or Postal or Zip code, making it a more viable marketing solution for local businesses.

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There are 100 billion online searches every month (Google alone) and growing. Social media sites rival populations of large countries and growing. The potential opportunity is enormous.

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Free Software

Free software or Freeware means that a company offers their software for free, anyone can use it, and you don't have to pay for the software. I've found that many of the freeware software programs are equal to programs you pay for. Also there are many programs that wouldn't be commercially distributed because they only do one small useful task that might not be commercially viable. MR PC DOCTOR will be adding to this list regularly and giving reviews of the best freeware on the net. These programs are for Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

The following freeware software packages are MR PC DOCTOR's favorites. Therefore, we have started with them. They are called OpenOffice and GIMP. Give them a try. I am sure you will love them.

OpenOffice is a replacement to the Microsoft Office suite. OpenOffice is basically everything Microsoft Office is. The only difference, OpenOffice is completely free. It has word processing, Excel like spreadsheets, including displays like PowerPoint with many other features found in Microsoft Office. OpenOffice also opens Microsoft Office files so sharing information with other people that use Microsoft shouldn't be any trouble . OpenOffice runs on Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

OpenOffice Download Page for Windows and Mac Operating Systems

GIMP is a replacement to Photoshop. Although GIMP isn't Photoshop, it's a powerful and efficient graphic editing package. GIMP runs on Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

GIMP Download Page for Windows and Mac Operating Systems

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