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Data Recovery and Restoration

We all know the frustration of losing data. When it happens at your business or in your home it can only be frustrating and very costly. Data goes missing and files get corrupted.

With average losses of over $12,000 a day, most small businesses could eventually recover from being down for a day or two. But anything beyond that one to two day window could certainly be a death sentence.

MR PC DOCTOR are Certified Professional hard drive and RAID data recovery service experts. We specialize in hard drive data recovery and file restoration services for all kinds of data storage. MR PC DOCTOR provides fast and cost effective data recovery services for all laptops, desktops, and servers. Our technical staff draws on over two decades of comprehensive data retrieval and restoration experience to deliver expert and reliable data recovery, disaster recovery and file recovery services.

If you have data problems or suspect your system has been compromised call (905) 841-0266 or use our contact page.